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From Pioneering to Standard-Setting

Since 2001 PayCore provides innovative end-to-end payment solutions for financial institutions, processors, telecom operators, personalization bureaus, retailers, terminal/card vendors, and last but not least public transportation authorities to more than 185 customers in 35 countries across the globe.

PayCore offers peace of mind to its clients with its award-winning scalable and robust solutions that work flawlessly with multiple technologies and platforms. PayCore provides full flexibility as well as offers a complete set of fast and secure payment solutions that takes away the need of working with multiple vendors, and achieves the highest compliance standards.

With 20 years of experience in EMV and well-established products such as card payment solutions, central/instant card personalization, transaction management, fraud/risk management, and hardware solutions, PayCore is also a leading player in emerging mobile payment, open-loop transit, and wearable payment technologies. PayCore’s PCI DSS, BKM, MasterCard and Visa certified Processing Center is serving over 50 customers with its reliable infrastructure.

PayCore’s dedication finds its roots in its founders who are still actively involved in the management of the company. Building on their vision and state-of-the-art engineering, PayCore has had the opportunity to bring to market over 20 “Global First” projects, from the first contactless credit card back in 2006 with Garanti BBVA, to the first contactless prepaid card for public transportation in India with Axis Bank and NPCI in 2015.

Corporate Presentation

Global First Projects:

  • 20062006
  • 20072007
  • 20082008
  • 20092009
  • 20102010
  • 20112011
  • 20122012
  • 20132013
  • 20142014
  • 20152015
  • 20162016
  • 20172017
  • 20182018
  • 20192019
  • 20202020
  • 20212021
  • • SoftPOS with PIN approval by American Express for payment acceptance via mobile devices

    • One of the first approved vendors of Discover® D-PAS Tap-on-mobile Certification

    • Partner of Visa Ready for Fintech Enablement program delivering full-stack, issuance, and processing solutions globally.

    Did You Know That?

    PayCore is the fastest growing technology company in EMEA Deloitte Technology Fast 50, 2018.

    PayCore manages more than
    30 million credit cards and more than 16 million debit cards run on PayCore solutions.

    More than 1 million POS terminals are managed on PayCore Software solutions.


    More than a half-billion transactions processed on PayCore infrastructure in 2018.

    Four Smart Cities, powered by PayCore Payment Solutions.
    (Dubai, India, Istanbul, Izmir)



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