31 August 2016

Cardtek’s HCELib Passed Visa And MasterCard Functional Testing With Success

Cardtek’s own HCELib solution which provides the mobile app to communicate with the HCE backend in a secure way, has passed the Visa and MasterCard functional testing process with success.

For HCE projects, undoubtedly mobile SDK is one of the key component that need to be considered. It must be known that this component should have been verified by independent laboratories to comply with the necessary functional and security requirements of card schemes. Therefore, Cardtek has taken these global requirements in consideration while HCELIB has been designed. The main objective of HCELIB is to ease the integration with wallet UI (user interface) applications and decrease the effort needed for HCE backend system. It is developed using Visa Cloud Based Payments mobile SDK and Mastercard Mobile Payment SDK as the base and both card payment schemes in a single SDK. HCELIB implements all necessary functionality in order to store the card credentials on device, provide with software based security, and EMV card kernel functions

The security countermeasures of HCELIB has played critical role in development phase. Especially Cardtek engineers worked for whitebox cryptography, which is the security mechanism provided for open devices, and developed its own solution getting consultancy from a university professor who is very well experienced on cryptography. Whitebox cryptography is mandatory to pass the security testing process of the card schemes. And so developing its own WBC, Cardtek meets the mandated security requirements.

With the high expertise on NFC based payments and the security aspects, Cardtek aim is to deliver industry leading high-tech solutions that meets the global standards. With this mission, we’ve already passed the Visa and MasterCard functional testing process successfully which proves the product functional compatibility to Visa and MasterCard requirements. Currently, HCELIB under Visa and Mastercard security testing and expected to pass all testing processes till the end of 2017-Q1.




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