31 March 2019

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POS systems have emerged to be a backbone of businesses today. Don’t believe us? Simply ask a retailer what a point-of-sale system is, and they will probably stress how important a part it plays in their business. POS, also called the point-of-sale system, is the right combination of software and hardware to help customers in executing the payment for goods and services that they purchased from a company. But, do POS devices only help in executing quick digital transactions? Probably not! They can also streamline your business operations by providing you with crucial insights into employee management, inventory management, customer management, and sales reporting.

Without beating around the bush, let’s have a quick look at various advantages of POS systems.

Advantages of POS Systems

A POS system helps you cut out long queues and provides you with faster checkouts when compared to cash registers. This leaves an everlasting impression on your customers.

This is a no-brainer. It is much easier to receive payment for your cashier when you equip them with the right tools such as a barcode scanner and POS system, while also ruling out any human errors.

From helping you accept contactless payments such as NFC to mobile wallet payments like Android Pay, Apple Pay and through EMV cards, a POS system can do it all.

The right POS software provides you with all the required information at just a touch. This improves the accuracy, and provides you with a closer insight into sales, profits, and expenses, thus empowering you in various ways!

But It Has Its Own Set of Limitations Too…

With all this and much more, it is imperative that POS systems are what your business needs. However, like everything else, they have their own set of limitations too. Don’t get us wrong, but POS systems are often crippled by a range of issues including:

Since POS systems runs on software, they are often associated with costly software upgrades. Thus, every time an upgrade is rolled out and is necessary, you would need to pay for new licenses.

A POS machine, just like any other, may malfunction or stop functioning completely. You need to be prepared for such outages.

If you choose to go for a web-based POS system, although you would not need to pay for software upgrades, but such systems come with a monthly subscription fee which can prove to be costly in the long run.

So, Should You Give Up on POS? Definitely Not!

Undoubtedly, the issues we talked about above are worth considering, but do not let this stop you from using POS. We feel knowing about the limitations of a system provides you with an edge. You can work on the grey areas and adopt countermeasures to deal with them. Speaking of which, Soft POS can surely help you out. Let’s see how.

Soft POS to Your Rescue

Quite opposite to the conventional POS systems, Soft POS is a one-of-a-kind POS solution which turns your mobile device (read: smartphones and tablets) running on Android operating systems into a POS device. Thus, you do not need to stick to your traditional POS system any more. You can convert your mobile device into a POS solution on the go, and receive payments from countless options including digital wallets, contactless EMV cards, active or passive wearables and so on.

Contactless Payments are not Only Secure but Convenient Too!

Soft POS, in addition to converting your smartphone into a go-to POS system, also supports contactless mobile payments with no need of providing additional passwords.

However, this doesn’t mean that Soft POS doesn’t follow the legal guidelines. As per the government rules, users must authorize their payment by entering their PIN while paying for a product or a service that costs more than 25 Euros. Soft POS strictly sticks to this requirement, but here is the plus point. Quite different to other POS services, for transactions less than 25 Euros processed through Soft POS, your customers no longer need to enter a PIN code to authorize the payment. All they need to do is simply unlock their phone and tap it to a contactless reader to validate. This is called ‘tap on phone’ and ‘tap to phone’ technology and is a zillion times more convenient.

If you think that your customers will be billed twice if they tap twice, well, that’s far away from the reality, all thanks to the proper safeguards in place!

How Does it Work?

  1. Soft POS can convert any android-based smartphone into a POS solution within minutes.
  2. All you need to do is download the application, and you are done.
  3. The application is made in line with the highest security standards and uses EMV technology.
  4. It is compatible with the security standards set by PCI DSS and takes the utmost care of confidential data during the transaction flow. For this, the application uses the security-based software called White Box Cryptography.
  5. The application is open to developments and is not limited to just Android devices. Any leading smartphone brand which allows NFC access can be used with Soft POS with minor developments.

Soft POS Puts an End to all the Woes Related to POS Solutions

Soft POS deals with the major limitations of POS solutions:

Perks of Soft POS

Soft POS Beneficiaries




Wrapping Up

Transactions don’t have to be difficult! Therefore, Soft POS aims to simplify the whole scenario by allowing you to convert your android smartphone into a go-to POS solution.

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