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Cardtek tokenization solution has been designed to provide security requirements which are defined in EMV co and PCI DSS tokenization specifications for Token Service Provider’s (TSP) or financial institutions.

Payment card industry standards do not allow credit card numbers to be stored on a retailer's terminal or in its databases after any transaction. Sensitive cardholder data needs to be represented by a payment token, which is a reversible surrogate of a PAN.

Cardtek tokenization solution keeps sensitive data in token vault, provides one time or life time usage transactional tokens, creates secure payment environments, minimizing PCI scope.


Key Benefits

Protect cardholder data from being stolen and used for fraudulent activities
Remove card credential from the payment environment
Reduce the scope, risks and costs associated with ongoing compliance with PCI DSS

Key Features

• Token requestor registration
• Payment token generation and issuance
• Detokenization
• Token vault operation
• Token lifecycle management
• Crypto validation / generation (detokenization with verification)
• Identification & verification
• Token Authorization, capturing
• Batch tokenization and detokenization

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