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Prepaid Card Management

Product is a full proposition of a Prepaid Card Management Solution (PCMS) for banks, telecom operators and retailers to issue and manage life cycles of prepaid cards.

Solution offers acquiring and issuing modules for the use of EMV based (Mastercard/Visa, open loop) and private label (closed loop) prepaid cards for transit, retail, campus, government, e-commerce and many different areas.

Cardtek PCMS product was designed with a flexible architecture to easily integrate to different business segments. In Cardtek PCMS, core platform is same for every business segment. However, business specific implementations can be easily done with web interfaces provided by the solution.


Key Benefits

Standalone system with issuing and acquiring
Both Offline and Online balance support
Multi business integration with one installation
Supporting all card types: magnetic stripe, EMV contact and contactless cards, mobile

Key Features

• EMV compliant
• Offline/online or hybrid balance management
• Supports Mastercard/VISA and other schema such as Prepaid Contact and Dual-Interface card schema
• Highly parameterized for issuing any type of prepaid product on BIN range, validity of the card, merchant category code, terminal ID enabled on ATM, POS devices and other customer channels
• Flexible architecture to support compliance with local regulations
• Supports both personalized and non-personalized prepaid cards
• Supports entire life cycle management, such as activation, deactivating, blocking, and reissuing the cards
• Supports top-up cards from different channels as below
         • Web channel
         • Mobile channel
         • Merchant Outlets
• Supports different forms of payment for top up
         • Cash
         • Credit Cards
         • Debit Cards
• Provides reporting tool for customized reports and also provides standard reports embedded in the solution

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