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Smart Cities

PayCore innovates for a smarter life. Our smart city solutions range from mobile ticketing, open loop transit, fuel payment solutions to loyalty applications.


PayCore offers transportation authorities and operators solutions that will generate new revenue streams, increase efficiency and decrease operational costs while providing an improved customer experience.

Payments for transportation have evolved from cash to paper tickets then to closed loop card systems in many parts of the world. Some cities have already integrated their bus, metro, light rail and ferry systems, others are still operating independent ticketing systems for each. In some locations, prepaid “city cards” are already allowing for micro payments beyond transportation. Soon we will see emergence of multi-city transportation cards. Increasingly cities around the world are moving to open loop payment systems that enable the use of credit and debit cards to pay for transportation services.


As another first in the company’s history, PayCore is now the transportation operator in ─░zmir, a city with over 4 million population and 1.3 million transit transactions per day across public bus, subway, light rail and sea transport services.

In Izmir, we also provide EMV-ready validators, self-service vending machines, web-based top-up services, electronic cash register (ECR) based top up services, smart bus stops including access to relevant information via web and mobile, in-vehicle information systems, in-vehicle cameras for security, control and monitoring, passenger counters, route optimization for buses, application to determine best options for getting from A to B.


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PayCore offers EMV ready integrated payment, campaign management and loyalty solutions for fuel station operators to enable their customers to pay with smartphones easily and safely, from the comfort of their car.


Yet another first in the company’s history, PayCore has implemented a new generation electronic cash register (ECR) POS for fuel pumps in partnership with TURPAK (part of ORPAK). The license plate of the vehicle is entered into the POS or automatically recognized from the RF chip tag on the vehicle before fuel can be dispensed.

PayCore’s white label or co-branded mobile app offering enables the consumer to pay via a mobile wallet without having to leave the vehicle and to check prices at different locations.

Fuel brands can also leverage this app for their campaign management and loyalty programs. They can use either their existing programs or create one using PayCore’s campaign management and loyalty program tools.


Please contact us to find out more about our solutions for fuel station operators and how we can help you.



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