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Remote Device & System Management

Cardtek Remote Device & System Managemement Platform provides an optimized remote management solution to control, track and manage systems from remote locations for ATMs, kiosks and operation rooms.

The Platform optimizes the values of remote management activities with tight control of maintenance expenses and effective problem solving while cutting down security risks and site visits.

It is a unique solution that resolves easily the identification of main causes of network failures, system failures, electrical and environmental failures by a single modular device. Rapid expansion in the number of ATMs and kiosks are forcing financial insititutions to go over their operational and maintenance expenses to seek for an optimized solution. There are several crucial features that affect the cost of maintenance of these devices directly. With Cardtek Remote Device & System Managemement these cost items can be minimized and even prevented.

Both unexpected and predictable issues of daily operations are tracked and prevented. Once the location or device is enabled with the solution, services can be optimized for:

• Remote management
• Data collection
• Security
• Communication
• Reporting

Key Benefits

Reduced labor costs
Ability to check the main cause of the failures
Ability to manage security risks
Detects network related failures and problems easily
Detects network related failures and problems easily
Decreases the need for on-site attendance and high cost of site visits

Key Features

• Remote power on/off
• Remote management (Serial port connection - Router / UPS / PC)
• Measurement of the electrical values
• Automatic alarm feature through pre-defined value entry to system
• Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management
• Lights (inside/outside) problem detection and management
• Secure communication support

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