18 January 2018

Deliver Next Generation Payment Solutions in Africa - PayCore

Cardtek And Priority Group Holdings Announce Partnership to Deliver Next Generation Payment Solutions, in Africa

Cardtek, the world’s leading provider of innovative end-to-end payment solutions and technology, today announced its partnership with Priority Group Holdings, a leading system integrator company which provides new technology platforms for a diverse network of clients operating in the healthcare, education and financial industries, to deliver payment solutions and services around Cardtek Payment Platform in Africa

PRETORIA & ISTANBUL, JAN. 18, 2018 – With more than 15 years of experience and providing innovative end-to-end payment solutions to more than 150 customers in 25 countries, Cardtek is a leading player in mobile payment, open-loop transit and wearable payment technologies. Priority Group Holdings joins the Cardtek family of partners to offer Integrated Grant Payment System, Card Management, Fraud Management, and Central/Instant Card Personalization solutions, digital payment solutions and smart city solutions to support the operation of companies in the Public Transport, Financial and Insurance sectors, the companies as part of an international chain of retail sales, as well as many other major and minor individuals representing every sector of the market. Under the agreement, Priority Group Holdings will be the major solutions and systems integration partner to Cardtek in Africa. 

Thanks to this partnership, Priority Group Holdings offers Cardtek’s experience and insight to improve the payment infrastructure of Africa region as well as providing innovative technology. On the other hand, this partnership gives Cardtek a wider geographic reach and a strong foot hold in Africa in terms of traditional and digital payment solutions and services space. African customers will benefit from Cardtek’s deep EMV, wallet and digital payment expertise and access to high quality global delivery and support services through Priority Group Holdings.




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