05 August 2016

Contact And Contactless Level 2 Kernel Library - PayCore

CHICAGO (April 27, 2016) – Cardtek, a leading software developer for financial transactions and provider of EMV migration solutions, is pleased to announce the successful completion of its certification process for EMV Contact and Contactless Level 2 Kernel Library through its ChipXpert solution. The certification, which is critical to enable terminal vendors for smooth migration for EMV and Mobile payment transactions, easily adapts to different types of terminals such as tablets, parking devices, outdoor payment terminals, transit validator and retail terminals, thanks to its flexible architecture. For EMV cardholders, the product provides secure and convenient transaction in retailers, transit locations, self- service terminals and other EMV-enabled locations.

With over a decade of providing cutting-edge solutions for global vendors and developing EMV Contact and Contactless Level 2 kernel projects, Cardtek’s most recent certification supports both contact and contactless payment schemes.

Cardtek’s certification was carried out on the terminals and readers of three well-known European terminal vendors – Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover. The certification process also addressed the additional features of EMV L2 Kernel Library for open loop transit. The library successfully passed performance conditions required for open loop transit transactions.

The version numbers and payment schemes for respective certifications are listed in the table below:

Payment Scheme Version Certification Date
EMVCo v4.3.d Jan 2016
VISA qVSDC only v2.1.3a Jan 2016
MasterCard PayPass v3.0.3 March 2016
AMEX Express Pay v2.0 February 2016
DISCOVER D-PASS v1.1 April 2016
VISA qVSDC&MSD v2.1.3b April 2016

Cardtek manages all project steps including porting, internal testing, debugging testing till receiving certification letter from payment scheme, while ensuring terminal vendors for a successful certification process with a fixed cost.

Cardtek L2 Kernel has following key features:

• Compliance with latest standards of EMVCo, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover, Rupay and other payment schemes
• Modular architecture allowing to extend kernel to support other card schemes
• Support of various hardware platforms such as Windows, Linux, RTOS and proprietary ones
• Support of various secure microcontrollers
• Optimized cryptographic processes to have a better transaction speed
• Optimized memory utilization to fit into low-sized RAM and FlashRAMs
• Optimized transaction speed to meet open loop transit business needs
• Hardware Abstraction Layer to facilitate the adoption to hardware environment
• Well defined APIs to facilitate the integration to terminal applications
• Flexible architecture to support non-EMV cards as well
• Open loop Transit related additional modules and functionalities such as Tokenization,
P2PEncryption, Connection Agent modules.

About Cardtek

Cardtek, a global payment processing solution provider, was founded in 2001 to meet the growing demand for easier, faster and more secure payment technologies. Cardtek provides innovative payment solutions for emerging businesses, such as EMV migration, open-loop transit, mobile payment, mobile wallet, NFC, HCE, and wearable payment technologies, while continuing to provide core payment solutions for Card Management, Fraud Management, and Central/Instant card personalization. A thriving company with 200+ customers in 26 countries, Cardtek globally contributes to the payment ecosystem through financial inclusion, payment renovation and cashless societies. Together with its international affiliates, Cardtek serves its worldwide customers from its USA, Canada, India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan offices. For more information, visit, or and @CardtekGroup.




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