07 April 2017

Get Ready for the New Era in Payment Systems - PayCore

Cardtek, with the information sharing platform Questions Four (Q4) event series, continues to focus on creating awareness in the industry. Q4's last agenda was Cyber Security, İnformation Security and Protection of Personal Data in Payment Systems. The work on payment systems raised the issue of security with the increase in number of users and the development of technology. YASAD President and Cardtek Board Member Doğan Ufuk Gunes, who made the opening speech of the panel, stated that: "Payment system solutions today are important not only for finance but also for growth and development for many sectors from transportation to e-commerce. In such an environment, cyber security, information security and the protection of personal data are directly affecting the reputation and competitive power of institutions. In the age of information economy, sharing your knowledge, establishing new collaborations and creating your ecosystem is very valuable in terms of providing new expansions both to our companies and to our country. The increasing interest in our Q4 event, organized for this purpose, is also gratifying."

The main topics that emerged on the panel were "Protection of Personal Data and Compliance Process within the Scope of Law No. 6698" with biometrics solutions, e-identity application, card fraud and measures to be taken. Experts have addressed the fast, flexible and reliable user security solutions provided by biometrics technology's identification, validation and authorization features. Biometrics solutions based on Cardtek's fingerprint vein recognition system and also suitable for personal information protection arrangements were addressed in this context.

E-Transformation, which quickly transforms the way the public and private sectors work, and identification and verification solutions that will eliminate critical security risks have also been discussed. New identity cards that are easy to carry, durable and environmentally friendly within e-transformation process will be in line with international standards. The information about the person to be stored on the card chip will be secured with information such as fingerprint data.

İn the meantime, every 85 out of 100 card fraud cases in Turkey are carried out vvith cardless transactions. İt was emphasized by experts to work in the field of preventive softvvare, supportive verification systems, competent human resources and decisive rules for supervision in order to avoid card fraud.




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