14 April 2017

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Having achieved almost 50% growth and having secured a significant investment in 2016, pioneering technology company Cardtek is making new breakthroughs in its international growth strategy in 2017. The company is aiming to take its place within the top 10 financial technology companies in the world within the next five years. In this new era, led by Executive Chairwoman Ayşe Nil Sarıgöllü, Cardtek is achieving international growth alongside accelerating its new investor negotiations and restructuring its organisation.

Cardtek, which provides innovative payment system solutions on an international level, went from strength to strength in 2016 when MV Holding and Revo Capital acquired a 24% stake in the company. With the aim of becoming one of the top 10 financial technology companies in the world within the next five years, Cardtek is undergoing structural reorganisation. In this context, Turgut Güney, one of the sector’s most experienced figures, is joining the Holding’s management team as CEO.

Founded in Turkey, Cardtek has expanded to become an international technology company, and is taking new steps in 2017 in line with its globalisation strategy. Having set its target of becoming a global technology giant, Cardtek has simplified its partnership structure and added top-level professionals at a global level to its organisational structure.

Commenting on the decisive implementation of the strategic plans for sustainable growth, Cardtek Holding Executive Chairwoman Ayşe Nil Sarıgöllü said: “Our focus is the global market, and becoming one of the leaders in this market. We saw the benefits of our determined efforts to this end in 2016. With a 49% increase in turnover, our group achieved significant growth in the sector. The strength provided by MV Holding and Revo Capital played an important role in this success. As the second major step in our globalisation plan, we simplified our partnership structure and are transforming the company with a new management team.  As part of this strategy, Turgut Güney, one of the most experienced figures in the sector, has joined us as Cardtek Holding CEO. Alongside this, we are also focusing on international growth and investor relations. In order to effectively manage this process, we are preparing to open a new office in Silicon Valley. With our enhanced staff and management team, sound financial structure and market-leading products and solutions, we are taking firm steps towards becoming a global leader.”

Turgut Güney, one of Turkey’s most experienced figures in the fields of IT, financial technologies and payment systems, will take up his post as CEO of Cardtek Holding on 17 April 2017. Previously an Assistant General Manager in charge of IT and Operations with Akbank, Güney stated that Cardtek would be emerge as a top global player of software production and financial technology in the near future, and would play an important role in ensuring that Turkey excels in the production and export of software and technology, and that he was very excited about these opportunities. Güney said: “Today digital payment systems serve not only the financial sector, but a broad ecosystem ranging from telecoms to transport and even to retail. This happens using many of the new-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, the Internet of things and wearable technologies. Cardtek has been extremely successful at offering these technologies innovatively and with added value to the ecosystem. Building on these strengths it has devised strategic targets in order to move towards its goal of becoming a successful global player. My primary aim will be to ensure that Cardtek, which has already achieved significant success and growth, now becomes a global brand and leader in line with its expanded vision.”

Cardtek is pioneering new global projects 

To date, Cardtek has been the pioneers of more than 20 global firsts. With its powerful international partnerships and new generation technological solutions, the company continues to make rapid inroads into new territories.

Within this context, it played a key role in revolutionising public transport in India, by not only facilitating the move to the use of cards on Bangalore’s buses but also introducing the use of both contact and contactless cards. In the near future, both contact and contactless bankcards will be accepted on the Kochi metro thanks to Cardtek technology. The company has also instigated a business partnership with NXP, one of the top 10 microelectronic companies in America and Europe’s second biggest chip manufacturer, in order to facilitate innovative solutions in wearable technology. Together with DC PaymentsCanada’s largest integrated payment systems solution provider, it realised the first mobile payment solution working through bankcards. In the near future, it will add another global first to its achievements when “empay”, the first mobile wallet on a national scale, is launched in the United Arab Emirates.

Cardtek will be continuing its strategy for growth and pioneering on an international scale with more innovative projects and global firsts in the pipeline for 2017 and beyond.




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