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Campaign Management

PayCore Campaign Management system has been designed with a rule engine which allows for flexible and parametric management. The rule engine is designed with a simple logic which checks the criteria and performs related actions. Campaign management system offers flexible scenario-based campaign definitions. Thanks to the management of the loyalty system, cards have rich loyalty advantages. System works integrated with customers' main systems. it is possible to manage point, discount, installment, RFM, airtime, mile, coupon, gift campaigns with instant earning and instant redeeming with the PayCore Campaign Management system.

Key Benefits

The solution can be integrated into any card management system
Campaign efficiency measuring opportunity
The solution can produce campaign specific slip and screen messages
Opportunity to include not-on- us cards into the campaign perspective

Key Features

• Scenario based campaign definition structure
• Various award support such as miles, airtimes, cashback etc.
• IVR, kiosk, SMS, ATM, POS integrations  



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