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Clearing & Settlement

Clearing and Settlement management is suitable for banks, processing centres and clearing houses which allow exchanging payments between financial institutions. Designed parametrically to support Mastercard and Visa clearing systems the system also supports national clearing and settlements for local processing centres. Additionally, the system works perfectly for the banks that use the same processing centres which is described as the internal clearing. System manages incoming and outgoing file processes, validation, fee calculation, consolidation.

Key Benefits

System calculates the fees and commissions automatically
Supports Visa and MC system formats together with national formats
Can integrate to multiple financial institutions

Key Features

• Automatic and Manual Incoming and Outgoing Process
• Incoming and outgoing rollback processing
• Loyalty (Bonus, World, Axess) Clearing Systems
• Reconciliation and reporting
• Rejection processing
• Reversal matching
• Clearing reports
• Generating Visa, MasterCard and National Clearing Systems Quarterly Reports



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