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Dispute & Chargeback Management

Dispute & Chargeback Management ensures that disputing transaction management functionalities are provided effectively. A comprehensive automated chargeback management solution uses workflow and rule-based structure. This solution has to have a sophisticated and organized approach to the required response to inquiries and complaints which should be handled in a timely and specific manner.

Solution advanced automated functionality for cost-saving operational efficiency, ranges from the automatic creation of chargeback documentation of guided workflows and integrated payment association rule processing. The system tracks and records disputed transactions; automatically maintaining a complete history of each disputed transaction. Such an approach helps to ensure efficient chargeback processing operations; both in terms of reduced costs and increased effectiveness, as well as easier compliance with payment association regulations.

Key Benefits

Cost-saving operational efficiency
Automatic creation of chargeback documentation
Automatically maintains complete history of each disputed transaction
Efficient chargeback processing operations
Easier compliance with payment association regulations

Key Features

• Automatic and manual processing
• Issuer and acquirer processing
• On-Us Dispute Management
• Electronic document management
• Easy to follow dispute records
• Following up dispute reports and warning screens
• First and second presentments
• Retrieval request and fulfilments
• Fee collection/funds disbursements
• Pre-Arbitration/Arbitration Process
• Fraud, SAFE, Stoplist Reporting Management



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