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Fraud Detection & Prevention

Fraud management system is a rule based fraud detection product and has been developed for customers, e-commerce , B2B to obstruct the losses resulting from fraud attacks. Paycore offers a complete fraud detection and prevention solution for Credit Card, ATM/Debit Card, Merchant, and Clearing Management Systems.

Fraud Management System has a scenario definition system which enables customerto define their own criteria easily and rapidly. The scenario definition system is used easily without using a programming language or scripting. Customercan use drag-and-drop boxes to define their complicated scenarios.

Due to its flexible rule definition and management feature, it is easier for customers to create the most complex rules and detect fraud transactions and take just-in-time precautions such as blocking the payment card, to avoid further mishaps by contacting the cardholder or merchant owner via SMS or e-mail. Also, with the help of the customer behavioranalyses basedscoring capability, data passing transactions could be used to generate rules which in turn can help operators make better decisions.

Key Benefits

Helps define the fraudulent activities faster
Prompts users to analyze the transactions to perform investigations
Provides a good reference guide for any application to operate in a PCI DSS environment
Helps during the testing procedures by creating scenario based simulations

Key Features

• Fraud Management Rule Engine can be heavily customized to cater for your specific data requirements
• Fraud Management is a real-time fraud prevention and detection solution tailored to the needs of banks, ecommerce merchants and payment service providers (PSPs).
• Fraud Management proven scalable, high performance solution with high processing system
• Fraud Management Simulation Module gives your fraud review team fast and easy-to-use tools to mitigate fraud, and reduce false-positive cases.
• Fraud Management provides widely configurable Operator Scoring and Management reports.
• Fraud Management automatically analyses every transaction to determine the level of risk and provide make sense data to operating team with Dashboards and Gadgets



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