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Inventory Management

Inventory Management Tool is a web based solution which Banks, Personalization centers, and POS service providers use to keep track of the inventory of their plastic cards and POS terminals.

It keeps the updated online inventory data and provides you with all the information to decide whether to order new raw cards, POS devices or not.

PayCore Inventory Management Solution offers a web based infrastructure that can be integrated with any card management system.

Key Benefits

The institutions can keep track of their cards and POS devices from one single central point
Separate institutions can be integrated into the system such as Personalization offices, instant offices, bank branches and field service companies etc.
The integrated companies can communicate over a single platform
The users can predict when to order new inventories according to the current condition
The alert mechanism can prompt the user if the inventory decreases below a critical level

Key Features

• The solution is web based
• The cards are tracked based on type, logo, brand
• The POS devices are tracked based on software, model, version
• Additional distinctive tracking criteria can be introduced into the system
• Each institution has their own application with specific features enabled
• The system can work with a maker-checker structure in order to establish user hierarchy



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