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Prepaid Card Management

Prepaid Card Management is a full proposition of a Prepaid Card Management Solution (PCMS) for banks, telecom operators and retailers to issue and manage life cycles of prepaid cards.

Solution offers acquiring and issuing modules for the use of EMV based (Mastercard/Visa, open loop) and private label (closed loop) prepaid cards for general purpose reloadable, travel, transit, e-money, e-commerce and many different areas.

PayCore PCMS product was designed with a flexible architecture to easily integrate to different business segments. In PayCore PCMS, core platform is same for every business segment. However, business specific implementations can be easily done with web interfaces provided by the solution.


Key Benefits

Flexible for various prepaid card products and vertical implementations
Service Based
Wide range integration capabilities
Comprehensive framework for financial institutions

Key Features

• Unified Payment Framework 
• Issuing & Acquiring
• Complies with EMVCo MASTERCARD, VISA and RuPay
• Contact / contactless card support
• Duel message support with inbuilt clearing & settlement module
• Highly parameterized product definition
• Flexible architecture to support compliance with local regulations
• Supports both personalized and non-personalized prepaid cards
• Supports entire life cycle management, such as activation, deactivating, blocking, and reissuing the cards
• Supports multiple top-up channels
• P2P Money transfer
• Company and corporate card structure
• Embed reporting tool
• Loyalty integration



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