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Taxation Solutions

PayCore's Smart Tax Revenue Administration System is a specialized taxation package for governmental organizastions to manage value added tax collection process; espacialy for electronic commerce sales and cashless economy models. 

The system is focused to tax collection but also it has tax-payer management, ECR management, secure key management, authorization, VAT parameter management, role/ authority management, real time report and monitoring, fraud and decision support system modules. 

Solution works via electronic cash register devices (ECRs) which also has EFT/POS Terminal ability. These devices are connected to system and transfer sale receipts data by online messages. 

Solution aims to expand coverage of audit mechanism by including mobile/internet based payment methods and electronic billing services. Additionally, system might be integrate with income tax collection infrastructure for individual tax-payers. It allows the taxation of electronic commerce that payments realized over internet and bills originate from the other countries. Eventually, system has a robust controlling mechanism against tax manupualation.



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