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Transaction Switch

PayCore’s EMV Enabled Adaptive Transaction Switch is a multi-channel, high speed transaction processing and switching platform designed to support both standard and innovative transactions to keep up with new electronic market requirements. It has flexible routing engine supporting various routing policies.

Solution has interfaces called formatters to accept transactions, core engine for flexible routing of transactions which is business scripting enabled, stand in processing module for giving authorization on behalf of issuer bank within specified limits and limit management module for periodic risk checks. It also has flexible routing engine to support clients various routing policies and definitive transaction set that can support both standard and innovative transactions. Solution is open platform and infrastructure agnostic supporting various hardware vendors.

Key Benefits

Multiple channel high performance infrastructure
Support for both standard and innovative transactions
Business Scripting Enable solution for flexible routing
EMV Scripting Engine for EMV operations on behalf of issuer banks

Key Features

• Driving ATM, POS terminals as well as payment networks
• New transaction types, message formats, regulations can be integrated
• System and transaction monitoring dashboards combined with alert tool
• Rule manager structure, dynamic BIN based routing



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