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E-Commerce Payment Gateway

E-Commerce Payment Gateway is an online payment processing solution which works seamlessly with banks’ acquiring switching systems and e-commerce & m-commerce institutions.

E-Commerce Payment Gateway provides the end-to-end back office, payment gateway, monitoring and reporting which banks require to complete their e-commerce card payment transactions. 

It is a web-based solution that works in compliance with Visa/Mastercard/AMEX 3D secure standards. 

The system also includes the issuing of 3D secure (Access Control System) and SecureCard Storage module for a one-click payment.

Secure and Seamless
•    Fraud features, PCI DSS, 3D Secure, Substitute/ Replacement System and Connection Infrastructure 

Instant Monitoring for Banks and Merchants
•    System Connection Control with Periodic Synthetic Transactions 
•    24/7 Monitoring and Warning System (SMS, e-mail)

Easy and Fast Integration
•    Fast Integration Through the Web with API and Code Support Ready for All Languages 

User-Friendly Screens and Mobile Application
•    Dashboard Reporting
•    Personalizable Payment Page
•    Mobile Application for Merchants

Innovative Features
•    Ability to Define Fraud Parameters for Every Scenario
•    Card Storage, BIN inquiries
•    Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support
•    Dynamic Authorization for Multiple Levels
•    Date/Time-Based Dynamic Management of Future-Dated Periodic Collection

Scalable and Flexible Business Model
•    Licensing and External Service Model
•    Modular Structure
•    Saving through Transaction-Based Differential Pricing




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