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EMV Tokenization

PayCore’s EMV tokenization solution addresses security requirements that are defined in EMVCo and PCI DSS tokenization specifications for any Trusted Service Provider (TSP) or financial institution. PayCore provides a tokenization solution for supporting a Token Service Provider’s required functionality. The tokenization concept is replacing the original PAN number and sensitive data with a new token generated with a token BIN number according to the global standards. The new card can perform a standard payment transaction as usual. In order to perform the transaction flow, a token service provides a de-tokenization and related services to payment networks or issuer banks. The system architecture is designed according to PCI regulations.

The solution provides a token service for token requesters in the system. Token requesters are uniquely defined entities, which require keeping a card’s PAN in a secure environment. Token requester can be a variety of institutions or services, such as:

• Issuers
• HCE Solutions
• NFC Solutions
• Wallets
• Virtual POS Solutions
• Acquirers
• Payment Processors
• Payment Gateways
• Transit Operators
• Merchants
• Device Manufacturers

Key Benefits

Protects cardholder data from being stolen and used for fraudulent activities
Removes card credential from the payment environment
Reduces the risks and costs associated with ongoing compliance with PCI DSS

Key Features

• Token requestor registration
• Payment token generation and issuance
• Detokenization
• Token vault operation
• Token lifecycle management
• Crypto validation / generation (detokenization with verification)
• Identification & verification
•Token Authorization, capturing
• Batch tokenization and detokenization



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