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Secure Card Storage

Secure Card Store module has been developed to store sensitive card data for payment systems compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security) standards. Digital Wallet Platform is the approved and supervised platform for the storage of sensitive information related to the cardholder. Securely transferring the card information to a bank’s datacenter and re-usage in the payment processes are carried out through “Tokenization” algorithms.  Each piece of sensitive information belonging to the customer is stored within tokens for each card and used in VPOS/Payment Gateway transactions.

Tokenization is a process which replaces the Primary Account Number in the payment ecosystem with a surrogate value used in transactions in place of that card credential. The aim of tokenization is to remove the card credential from the payment environment and replace it with a value that is useless outside of that environment. It helps merchants not to store sensitive cardholder data after authorization; for this reason, merchants who use the tokenization process are able to reduce the scope, risks and costs associated with ongoing compliance with PCI DSS. Within the concept of this technology, PayCore provides the token service and related processing developed according to the EMVCo Payment Tokenization framework.

Key Features

• Token with card number
• Token with credentials
• Single-use or Multi-use token
• Securely showing the card BIN number and last 4 digits
• Defining the token limits
• Time-limited token
• SMS and e-mail integration



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