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PayCore Soft POS

Your Phone Your Pos


PayCore Soft POS Platform is a software solution that meets the POS application requirements for Android mobile devices.

With PayCore’s Soft POS platform, merchants will be able to accept contactless payments directly on their smartphones. With the mobile application downloaded from Google Play to a merchant’s mobile device, customers will be able to make their payments by tapping their contactless cards, HCE mobile wallets or wearables on the merchant’s mobile device.

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A unique offer to increase contactless usage, Soft POS Technology.
● This mobile application needs only a handset with NFC Technology
● Migrates smartphones and tablets to EMV compliant POS terminal
● Accepts contactless EMV payments on smartphones and tablets
● Accepts all types of EMV-based contactless cards, digital wallets and wearables

Comprehensive Solution
● Device-Independent Solution
   Works on any mobile handset with NFC technology
● Does Not Need Mobile Operator Involvement
   Only 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection are required
● Scheme independent
   Supports Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover and domestic schemes
● Accepts All EMV-Based Contactless Cards and Digital Wallets
   Credit, debit, pre-paid cards and all digital wallets
   (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay etc. Active or Passive Wearables)

Fast & Frictionless
● A faster process than contactless ‘Card to POS’ payments
● Mail or SMS-based receipt, easy to use
● Low-value payment ‘TAP & GO’
● Identical to the ‘Card to POS’ user experience
● Quick-pay in groceries, service businesses or public transportation

● Meets the highest security standards
● EMV technology and standards
● Works only with secure EMV cards
● Sensitive card details are never stored on the phone
● Compliant with all security standards, including PCI DSS, etc.
● No clear data is stored or transmitted during the transaction process
● Software based security: White Box Cryptography

Benefits For Merchants
● Your phone becomes a POS terminal
● Accepts contactless payments and digital wallets
● Provides ease of use
● Removes POS pollution and reduces investment costs
● Can be carried with you in your pocket
● Creates an innovative image for your business
● Allows expansion of cash desks at peak times

Benefits For Card Holders
● The most convenient payment method
● Makes your card available everywhere
● Pay using contactless Visa, Mastercard and all other schemes
● Easier and faster purchases

Benefits For Processors
● Creates an innovative image
● Reduces POS device investments
● Increases penetration into low ticket size merchants
● Reduces the cost of POS operations (maintenance, field teams etc.)
● Creates a good user case for contactless penetration




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