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Central / Mass Card Personalization

PayCore Central Card Personalization offers issuers and personalization offices a simple and easily adaptable EMV migration solution. The system presents customers a cost-effective, vendor independent, secure and customizable infrastructure in accordance with the issuers' requirements. With this system, issuers can easily commence their new payment programs.

Key Benefits

Fast response on support & low expanding costs
Offers fast personalization
Limitless personalization capability
Supports multiple platforms
Easy to manage

Key Features

• PCI-DSS compliance
• Active directory (LDAP) support
• Card Manufacturer and Card Printer agnostic solution
• Supports multi-financial institutions
• Supports log leveling, easy and expandable integration with Card Management system, both web service and file integration, and multi-feedback options
• Generates user-specific reports
• Optional inventory management module
• Customized feedback reports
• Advanced quality control after data preparation and card issuance



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