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Contactless Analyzer

PayCore contactless test tools are Windows based PC applications utilizing the latest VISA payWave, Mastercard PayPass, AMEX ExpressPay and Discover D-PAS specifications. Each tool is based on the EMV Level 2 Kernel Application, which is approved by payment authorities. PayCore Contactless Analyzer analyzes card behavior on the PC while carrying out real contactless transactions with real contactless cards with the possibility of connecting to a real host system.

Key Benefits

Quality control of Contactless EMV Cards before mass production
Successful EMV card personalization
Easy troubleshooting
Testing Issuer Host System and authorization mechanism
Deep EMV learning
Reduce operation costs for testing contactless EMV cards
Issuer simulation
Simulate any terminal
Reduced time to market

Key Features

• Terminal parameters configuration
• MSD, quick VSDC, and contactless VSDC on the payWave side
• MagStripe and MChip support on the PayPass side
• Access to all card data elements
• Access to all contactless specification documentations
• Advanced search mechanism of data elements by name and other properties
• Dynamic CVV verification
• Online messaging, issuer simulation
• VLP support
• All Kernel functions, online messaging, issuer simulation
• Cryptogram 17 and fast DDA methods support



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