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EMV Data Preparation

PayCore EMV Data Preparation is a payment scheme that allows an independent EMV data preparation system to work flawlessly with all card types including Java Cards and Multos Cards. With its Multi HSM support, there is no limit to the data preparation capability of the system.

All PCI-DSS requirements are applied, and no sensitive data is accessible through the database, log files, or network traffic.

Multiple HSM devices can be integrated with PayCore Data Preparation System and huge amount of EMV data can be prepared quickly and easily. PayCore EMV Data Preparation works seamlessly with all new and existing payment schemes.

Key Benefits

Supports multiple platforms
Easy to manage
Quick data preparation times
Supports multiple financial institutions
Advanced quality control after data preparation
Expandable performance with additional HSM devices
Cost-effective, no need for additional software license to integrate into each payment scheme

Key Features

• PCI-DSS compliance
• Active directory (LDAP) support
• Card manufacturer and payment scheme agnostic solution
• Supports log leveling, easy and expandable integration with Card Management system, both web service and file integration, and multi-feedback options
• Generates user-specific reports
• Optional inventory management module
• Customized feedback reports



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