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EMV Level 2 Kernel

PayCore EMV Level 2 (L2) Kernel is a middleware application between terminal operating system and terminal payment application providing an EMV transaction between terminal and card.
PayCore EMV Level 2 Kernel offers a complete L2 Kernel solution for the acceptance of any card schemes like VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, JCB, China UnionPay, India RuPay, Turkish Troy and Interac, and from various payment terminals, such as POS, Validator, Kiosk, ATM, and MPOS.
With over a decade providing cutting-edge solutions for global vendors and developing EMV Contact and Contactless EMV Level 2 Kernel projects, PayCore’s most recent certification supports both contact and contactless payment schemes. The certification, which is critical to enable terminal vendors to have smooth migration for EMV and mobile payment transactions, easily adapts to distinct types of terminals, such as tablets, parking devices, outdoor payment terminals, transit validators, and retail terminals, thanks to its flexible architecture. For EMV cardholders, the product provides secure and convenient transaction in retailers, transit locations, self-service terminals and other EMV-enabled locations.


Key Benefits

Flexible architecture, multi-platform support
Easy implementation with fixed costs
19+ years of EMV Level 2 Kernel development and implementation expertise
Terminal hardware & operating system independency
Compliance with latest technologies and security standards
Customer support
Cost effectiveness

Key Features

• Compatibility with the latest version of EMVCo standards
• Secure download and secure management of exception lists
• External and internal PIN PAD support with PCI PED features available
• Fast, easy adaptation and integration with Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
• Design your own EMV features; all possible ICS options/features are supported 
• Low memory requirement less than 50 kb flash size, 20 kb RAM size
• OS Platform independent 
• Layered architecture which allows all layers to perform specific tasks
• Communication between layers are performed with easy and understandable interfaces
• 19 years old product, gradually which became fast, robust and reliable

Supported Card Schemes
EMVCo Contact 



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