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Instant Card Personalization

PayCore Instant Card Personalization is the complete unified solution for EMV data preparation and financial card issuing. It allows institutions in-branch management for financial card issuance processes with very little effort.

With this service, customers are able to obtain their cards as soon as they open their accounts in just 5 minutes. PayCore Instant Card Personalization can be used for issuing any type of payment card instantly at a branch. System sends real-time personalization commands from the centralized data preparation network and key management servers send information to the personalization equipment at the branch. All security processes and procedures are managed by the issuer centrally.

Key Benefits

Supports multiple platforms
Easy to manage
Provides better customer experience
Increases activation & usage rates
Decreases operational costs

Key Features

• PCI-DSS compliance
• Active directory (LDAP) support
• Works with all card manufacturers and card printers
• Supports multi-financial institutions
• Supports log leveling, easy and expandable integration with Card Management
system, both web service and file integration, and multi-feedback options
• Generates user-specific reports
• Optional inventory management module
• Customized feedback reports
• Web-based branch application
• Advanced quality control after data preparation and card issuance
• Offers fast personalization, limitless personalization capability
• Allows PIN deployment at branch



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