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HSM Monitoring Devices

PayCore HSM Monitoring Devices is designed to optimize the operational work load across multiple data centers by serving as a central location to provide instant insight with improved quality and simplicity.

Banks use different brand, different model Hardware Security Modules (HSM) with different management interfaces for different objectives, in different locations. That hybrid structure makes it difficult to detect and respond to existing problems, analyze problem history and monitor and manage these different HSMs. PayCore HSM Monitoring Solution, CHEMS manages enlarged HSM pools in a controllable fashion.

CHEMS creates distinct profiles (e.g. Administrator, Operator, Monitor-only), users and user groups and assigns roles to users. Users can view system level alerts and events and define the time period for more detailed analysis according to their requirements. Alarms and reporting can be received via e-mail by assigned groups that are created according to the error type. The systems enables configurable inquiry polling times.

Key Benefits

24 x 7 automatic monitoring
Automated problem detection and warning system
Alerts & warnings preventing unnecessary manual site visits, decreasing the operational cost substantially
Comprehensive Hardware Security Module monitoring platform across all HSM brands/platforms.
Simple admin interface

Key Features

• SNMP monitoring capability can be added to HSMs that are managed through propriety methods (SNMP – Propriety Gateway Functionality)
• Capacity monitoring and analysis (usage statistic/ desired time period)
• Delivers automatic alerts by email to pre-defined groups and/or individuals
• Instant notification upon unexpected changes to HSM configurations
• Instant monitoring capability on HSM status, security issues and utilization
• Supports dual Ethernet ports
• Authentication required for secure communication with HSM
• Role based access control; Administrator, Operator, Monitor-Only
• Simple, user friendly WEB interface
• Runs on Linux platform to monitor HSM modules through a WEB based monitoring platform.



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