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Remote Device and System Management


PayCore Remote Device and System Management Platform offers a 24/7, real-time, centralized management solution optimized to control, monitor and manage remotely ATMs’, kiosks’ and operation rooms’ systems.

ManageATM transforms human based information and field visits. The platform, which is an eco-innovation, provides a profitable investment opportunity by decreasing field visits by 25%, increasing the speed of quick problem solving by 30%, increasing energy savings by 30% and increasing the follow-up of maintenance contracts by 15% from the moment it is set up. ManageATM provides critical support, especially in times of economic downturn, to organizations that are making financial savings and need to do business with fewer sources in the most efficient way, by reducing costs and increasing the availability of ATMs.
ManageATM, which increases the availability ratio of ATMs, is installed in more than 7,000 ATMs throughout Turkey, whether in cities, towns, villages, or mountains.

Key Benefits

Increases ATM availability
Increased availability helps to enhance corporate reputation and increase the number of new users
Technology-supported measurements are being made and maintenance costs are incurred by proven actual data
Enables technology-supported, clear decisions to be made
Reduces the need for on-site participation and the high cost of site visits
Reduces the need for field support staff and support time
Decreases operational costs and increases earnings from the very start
Saves energy
Increases the safety of remote and stand-alone ATM cabinets

Key Features

Control Functions:

• ATM PC remote switch on / off
• Network devices remote switch off / on
• Air conditioner remote switch on / off
• Lights remote switch off / on

Measuring / Tracking Functions:

• Electrical measurements: Voltage and ground voltage measurements, power failure and blown fuse monitoring
• Temperature and humidity measurements
• Safety monitoring: Impact and motion detection, flooding, device approximate location calculation

Management Functions:

• Network devices management
• UPS management
• SNMP management
• SLA management
• Communication management




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