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Turkey’s most preferred HSM distributor

One of the most important endeavors for any company, if we consider that the most important asset of an organization today is information, is to preserve data. Developing technologies have led to a major challenge in data protection, together with great opportunities in data access, processing, and storage. Almost every day, security breaches and data theft push governments and organizations to take regulatory measures. Even if the data is stolen, making the data unusable by unauthorized people, that is, cryptography (cryptology), is a method used for this purpose ever since ancient Rome. Nowadays, cryptology is more important than ever. Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are the most important devices in this regard.

PayCore Hardware Solutions (PHS) signed a partnership agreement with Thales , Gemalto and nCipher in 2014 and 2013 and became the market leader, closing 2015 with record sales, and outstripping its competitors in terms of banking and General Purpose HSM sales and support. In 2015, our company became Thales's largest sales partner in the region, winning the title 'Gold Partner'.

So far, we have sold nearly 400 Thales and Gemalto devices and support services, and provision of support services is to be extended.

In addition to HSMs, our company has further enhanced this partnership thanks to being Thales's highest-level partner and having a strong relationship, training and certification perfection, market knowledge, strong customer relationships, accurate after-sales service policies, vertical integration, and group synergy.




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