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Payment Processing Services

Fast Developing New Technologies, Expertise, and Cost Advantage
Makes Outsourcing Attractive

With its expert staff and new technologies, PayCore enables all financial entities such as banks and electronic finance institutions to enjoy outsourcing privileges in payment systems.

PayCore Payment Processing Services

PayCore is a reliable, long-term solution partner of institutions in need of a different processing services. Whether outsourcing for processing transactions to handle traditional payments more efficiently, increasing customer loyalty or improving public service quality, PayCore helps companies maintain its competitive advantage by providing the necessary infrastructure and service.


Why PayCore Processing Solutions
  • • Adaptable: Integrates with different business models – merchants, financial institutions, program managers and governments – of all types and sizes.
    • Global: Integrates local, regional and international needs in many languages and currencies around the world.
    • Innovative: Offers value-added services and innovative advanced features through new technologies.
    • Agile: Rapidly adaptable platform, easy integration.
  • • Single Integration Point: All payment products, including prepaid, debit, and credit card issuing, as well as ATM and POS acquiring, on a single platform.
    • Scheme Independent: Able to issue and acquire Visa, Mastercard and Troy branded cards.
    • End to End: Partner of Visa Ready for Fintech Enablement program delivering full-stack, issuance, and processing solutions globally.

Accreditations & Certifications



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