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Smart Transportation for Smart Cities

Payments for transportation have evolved from cash to paper tickets then to closed loop card systems in many parts of the world. Some cities have already integrated their bus, metro, light rail and ferry systems, others are still operating independent ticketing systems for each. In some locations, prepaid “city cards” are already allowing for micro payments beyond transportation. Soon we will see emergence of multi-city transportation cards. Increasingly cities around the world are moving to open loop payment systems that enable the use of credit and debit cards to pay for transportation services.

PayCore Offers 10 years of Experience
In Transit Payments

PayCore offers transportation authorities and operators solutions that will generate new revenue streams, increase efficiency and decrease operational costs while providing an improved customer experience. Having a diversified experience in transportation payments, PayCore had been involved in several implementations as solution provider or consultant, including closed loop MIFARE and EMV based open loop projects.






Why PayCore Transit Solutions
  • • Support of both EMV based open-loop and closed-loop architecture
    • Payment instruments like EMV Chip, all MIFARE types and Mobile Handset
    • Dynamic pricing during transaction, loyalty integrated decision engine.
  • • One time or durational tickets.
    • Flexible architecture
    • Better customer experience


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