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Stadium Card

Stadium card solution is a specialized EMV prepaid card with ticketing functions. PayCore offers different models for ticketing implementations on an open loop, prepaid, contactless card. A dual interface card with MIFARE emulation or MchipAdvance technologies is used to provide the ticketing functions on entrance to the stadium. A specialized loyalty module, card application, instant/mass personalization solution with pre-personalization, card inventory management, ticketing integration, L2 kernel for terminals, validator integration and acquiring, and mobile ticketing functions are specially designed to provide sports card functionality and integrations. With a proven business model, a standalone prepaid card management solution is offered on a short project timeline with all supportive and additional modules and integrations.

Key Benefits

End-to-end Stadium card infrastructure
Ready-to-use modules and well-designed business model
Short project timeline and implementations
Wide range of integration capabilities
Terminal or validator independence
Single instance multitenancy
Comprehensive framework for financial institutions

Key Features

• Standalone EMV prepaid card management solution (Issuing & Acquiring)
• L2 MChipAdvance Kernel
• Ticketing personalization on an EMV Card
• Pre-personalization card support
• Instant & mass card personalization solution
• Card inventory management solution for branches
• Ticketing loading and burning process
• Dual interface card support
• Mobile ticketing solutions
• Card application module



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