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Transportation Operator Services

Transportation payment system operation requires great dedication and field experience since thousands of terminals and millions of cards needs to be up and running all the time without any downtime. Besides having diversified solutions for public transportation payments, PayCore has experience managing operation of high transaction volumes with high level of business continuity and perfection.

As another first in the company’s history, PayCore is now the transportation operator in ─░zmir, a city with over 4 million population and 1.3 million transit transactions per day across public bus, subway, light rail and sea transport services.

In Izmir, we also provide EMV-ready validators, self-service vending machines, web- based top-up services, electronic cash register (ECR) based top up services, smart bus stops including access to relevant information via web and mobile, in-vehicle information systems, in-vehicle cameras for security, control and monitoring, passenger counters, route optimization for buses, application to determine best options for getting from A to B.




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