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Transaction Management

Acquirers and Issuers Need Agility and
Innovation More Than Ever Before

Payments market is going through an unprecedented period of change, driven by new channels and technologies as well as evolving customer expectations for more personalized and seamless services and products.

Acquirers and Issuers are facing increasing difficulty in keeping up with the developments in the payments market. They are faced with a variety of new entrants (mobile network operators, payment service providers, transit operators, handset manufacturers, etc.) to the payments market, both in the cards space and in emerging channels such as mobile and online.

The connected generation want to move seamlessly across all channels and demand instant payment services on their own terms, with 24x7 availability.

Cardtek Offers EMV Compliant and Efficient
Transaction Management Solutions

Cardtek’s Transaction Management Solution manages both transaction originating channels (POS, ATM, KIOSK, CALL CENTER etc.) and payment networks (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DINERS, UP, JCB etc.) in an efficient way.

Our solution is an EMV compliant platform for financial institutions, third party processors and national switches providing a robust, flexible and scalable transaction processing engine.



Why Cardtek Transaction
Management Solutions
  • • 15 years of EMV experience
    • Full EMV contact/contactless features
    • Full PCI DSS compliance with tokenization
    • Omni-channel solution with seamless transaction experience
  • • Support of both diversified transactions and card products
    • Configuration and scripting instead of development
    • Enhanced business features and flexibility
    • Support of Retail, Transit, Stadium, Campus Payments
Case Studies:
UniCredit Group Legacy System Migration Project

Seamless migration of legacy payment processing platform of UniCredit Group. 400K+ terminals, 30M+ credit cards and 16M+ debit and prepaid cards are migrated from IBM Mainframe Solution to open platform payment processing solution OCEAN, without downtime. For more information please
contact us…
Turkish Football Federation Passolig Stadium Card Project

Multi-application stadium card implementation of Cardtek. Single card supports credit, debit and prepaid card application for funding, electronic ticketing and access control integration to stadiums, loyalty and transportation features on a unified platform. For more information please
contact us…

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